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Who is it that intercedes with Him save by His per mission? He knows what is before them and what behind them, and they comprehend not aught of Hi s knowledge but of what He pleases. His throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and it tires Him not to guard them both, for He is high and grand. The Quran describes God as the creator and ruler of all things, and the judge of all things.

He is all-powerful, all-knowing, merciful, and compassionate. He is eternal. He is master of all things in the universe, and guides humans through his prophets who are bearers of his word, such as Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and lastly, Muhammad. God sent his prophets to create communities chosen for a special relationship with him, including Jews and Christians.

They are known as the People of the Book, because they accept God's revelation as it has been recorded in scripture. On the day the world ends, the Day of Judgment, God will resurrect the dead and every person will be judged for his or her deeds.

Each person's good deeds will be balanced with the bad deeds. Those whose good deeds outweigh their bad deeds will live forever in paradise, while those whose bad deeds outweigh the good will be condemned to eternal fire. Intentions, and not just deeds, are also used in the equation for judgment. Good deeds carry a significantly higher value than bad deeds; they are worth more in God's eyes.

Islam emphasizes that God is perfectly one. He was not created by any other being, nor has he had any offspring. He is completely unique, completely transcendent, and nothing compares to him. There are no other gods, no other divine beings, nothing to associate with God or compete with him.

The Holy Quran - On Human Death (The ultimate reality)

Islam does believe in angels, including wicked angels with Satan as their leader, but they are creatures of God, created just as humans are. People and jinn are intelligent beings, people created out of clay and jinn created from smokeless flames. Angels, created out of light, are not intelligent beings in Islam. Unlike humans and angels, jinn are imperceptible. They can take many different forms, and are capable of performing heavy labor and difficult tasks.

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Muhammad was sent to bring God's revelation to the jinn as well as humans, and the jinn will be judged just as the humans will be. Some will spend eternity in heaven, while others will be cast into the eternal fire. The most famous angel is the archangel Gabriel. Gabriel is the divine messenger who reveals divine mysteries and delivers God's orders and aid to the prophets. Muhammad taught that it was Gabriel who brought him God's revelation. There are many different legends about Gabriel in Muslim tradition, many of which overlap with biblical traditions about the patriarchs and the prophets.

Gabriel is said to have consoled Adam after the expulsion from paradise and taught him the letters of the alphabet, how to cultivate wheat, and how to make tools from iron. It is also said that Gabriel took Adam to Mecca and taught him the rites of pilgrimage. He showed Noah how to build the ark, and had numerous encounters with Abraham.

God’s Choice or the god of Choice

He taught the prophet Samuel, and comforted King David. And he announced the coming birth of John the Baptist to Zacharias. Toggle navigation. More Topics. Trending Now. It is He who gives life to dead land and slakes the thirst of His creatures [90] and causes the trees to grow into orchards full of beauty and delight.

Absolute Reality in the Qur'an

To God belong the dominions of the heavens and the earth and everything between them. His Throne extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving His creatures, for He is the most high and supreme in glory, [94] exalted in might; and wise. It is He who gives life and death and has power over all things.

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God is not only the creator, but also the cherisher, [96] sustainer, [97] protector, [98] helper, [99] guide, [] and reliever of distress and suffering [] of all His creatures, and is most merciful, most kind, and most forgiving. God has not created the world for idle sport. The world is not without a purpose or a goal; it is throughout teleological and to this universal teleology human beings are no exception.

To everyone of them there is a goal [] and that goal is God Himself. God is all knowledge. He is the Truth. Neither the smallest nor the greatest of things are but recorded in a clear record. He is full of wisdom.

Allah is God: God of Bible is the same God of Quran

These are justice and love, the latter including among other attributes the attributes of munificence, mercy, and forgiveness. Divine punishment is equal to the evil done. It may be less, for, besides being most just, God is most loving, most merciful, and forgiver of all sins, [] but it is never more. He is most munificent and bountiful and, therefore, multiplies rewards for good deeds manifold.

Islam, no less than Christianity, lays emphasis on the basic value of love. Whenever the Qur'an speaks of good Christians, it recalls their love and mercy.

God is all good, free from all evil quddus. The Qur'an uses synonymous words for beauty and goodness husn wa khair. The word radiance or light nur is also used to signify beauty. God's judgment is of the highest excellence, [] and belief in the Day of Judgment of extreme beauty. The Qur'an lays the greatest stress on the beauty of action. It exhorts mankind to do the deeds of high value, [] for God loves those who do excellent deeds. It wants men to return greetings with greetings of great excellence [] and repel evil with what is best, [] for in so doing they enhance the excellence of their own souls.

He created his mate of the same kind and from the twain produced men and women in large numbers. God encompasses [] and cherishes [] mankind. He is always near man [] nearer than his jugular vein. In the first degree it is the impulsive mind nafs ammarah which man shares with animals; in the second degree it is the conscientious or morally conscious mind nafs lawwamah struggling between good and evil and repenting for the evil done; in the third degree it is the mind perfectly in tune with the divine will, the mind in peace nafs mutma'innah.

Understanding raises a man's dignity. As an ideal or basic value for man wisdom means the knowledge of facts, ideals, and values. Likewise, there are three types of errors: i the errors of reasoning, ii the errors of observation, and iii the errors of intuition. There is greater certitude about our knowledge based on actual experience observation or experiment of phenomena. Not all reports are trustworthy.

If he is a man of shady character, his report should be carefully checked. Scientific knowledge comes from the study of natural phenomena. These natural phenomena are the signs of God [] symbols of the Ultimate Reality or expressions of the Truth, as human behaviour is the expression of the human mind.

Natural laws are the set ways of God in which there is no change. No less important for individuals and nations is the study of history. There is a measure and law in human society as much as in the whole cosmos. God never changes the condition of a people until they change it themselves, but once He wills it, there can be no turning it back. In the stories about the past there are instructions for men of understanding.

So much importance has been given to history that fifteen chapters of the Qur'an have been given the titles bearing historical significance. The Qur'an refers to contemporaneous events such as the battle of Badr, [] the battle of Tabuk, [] the trade and commerce of the Quraish, [] the hypocrisy of those who were enemies pretending to have embraced Islam, and the animosity of persons like abu Lahab and his wife.

God reveals His signs not only in the experience of the outer world afaq and its historical vistas, but also through the inner experience of minds anfus. Experience from this source gives the highest degree of certitude. Divine guidance [] comes to His creatures in the first instance from this source.